Generate beautiful Twitter Bootstrap themes using the Adobe kuler / COLOURlovers color scheme

Step 1: Input a color scheme

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Please input a theme ID or a permalink URL:

Please input a palette ID or a permalink URL:

E.g. 169473721429388377121

  1. Access to Adobe kuler or COLOURlovers web site and select a theme you like.
  2. Input it's theme ID or permalink URL(Please refer to a screen shot below).

    Kuler ID explain  COLOURlovers ID explain

Color sense is unnecessary

You can paint Twitter Bootstrap in great color schemes which is posted to Adobe kuler / COLOURlovers. It is not necessary for yourself to make colors.

Easy to install

It is very simple to install to your site. Download generated CSS files, and replace standard files for them.

Share your theme

Let's share your theme in PaintStrap Gallery. Other users become able to download the cool theme that you made.

example1 example2 example3